We've had fun over the years!


Lots of pictures of past retreats at Peniel Ranch

Blessed by Volunteers

The Fends and others installed the commercial dishwasher.

Manchester Community Church Camp

This is Rebekah's fun recounting of their week at Peniel Ranch.

Riverside Campfires

*******We will probably need to change this picture out because we don't have sand like that at the Ranch!

Water Fun!

Limitless opportunities for fun in the Columbia River!

Building Relationships

Everyday life is hectic and doesn't allow for much time to relax with friends.

Great Memories!

Setting the new Peniel Ranch sign

"Back In The Day" is a YouTube video with some great pictures from years ago.


Lots of room for more pictures


Lots of room for more pictures


Remember the water and binoculars!

Share the good news!

Teaching and mentoring

Untracked wilderness

Reenact Lewis and Clark's travels on the Columbia River!